Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Week on Atheists Talk
In honor of Gay Pride events going on world-wide, Minnesota Atheists are proud to present Wayne Bensen of "Truth Wins Out," an organization which exposes the lies of ex-gay ministries. Next, we bring you Jane Bowman who has researched 515Minnesota laws which discriminate against gay couples and their families. Minnesota Atheists strongly support those fighting for equal rights.

Unfortunately, Mike Haubrich’s audible breathing and nose whistles makes this PodCast almost unlistenable.

PZ Meyers recently mentioned that of the thousands of emails he receives each week, he has yet to hear from an Atheist that questioned evolution. Likewise, I have yet to talk to an outspoken Atheist that opposed gay rights… and that makes me too happy.

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Dana Hunter said...

There does seem to be a remarkable lack of irrational fears, prejudices, and general sillyness among atheists. Must be why I love being one & being among them so. ;-)

Your blog's looking most excellent. Pics are very salty indeed - in two senses. LOL.