Monday, July 07, 2008

This week on Atheist Talk

For Independence Day, we're proud to bring you Eddie Tabash of American's
to speak with us about the Founding Father's views on the separation of
Church and State. If you've ever felt like the Founder's would not approve
of our government's actions regarding the entanglement of church and state you
can find out some good evidence about what they wrote and said on that topic to
make up your own mind.

Still not the most polished PodCast out there, Atheist Talk tackles this country’s fore-founders take on the… well, you already read the quote above. As far as I can tell, this recording is free of annoying nose whistles. If anything, the 4th of July is a celebration of the separation of church and state, and it reminds us that freedom of religion also equates to freedom from religion.

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Bjorn said...

Thanks for listening. We're working on making the show better, and we could make it better if it weren't live, but with each show, we try to learn something.